ABC Company Corporate Headset Program
The Headset Team is ABC's Authorized Plantronics Partner. For over 50 years Plantronics has been the world�s leading headset solution provider. World Class Warranty Support to all Tellabs employees is provided directly from Plantronics on all headset solutions.
Support & Troubleshooting: For questions about set up or any issues that may arise with your Headset: Before requesting a warranty replacement please make sure the headset is indeed broken by calling Technical Assistance 1 (800) 544-4660 Option 2. (It might just be a setting on the phone or headset.)
Warranty Procedures: Plantronics will normally ship you a replacement via 2 day service if it�s within the warranty period and complies with Plantronics warranty terms and policies. Phone Plantronics Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1 (800) 544-4660 Option 2 or complete the Plantronics Quick Web Service Form below.
Click for Plantronics Quick Web Service Form:
Select �Warranty Express� and only fill in the info where you see an asterisk (*) and press �Submit�. A replacement headset will be sent to you via 2 day service in most cases. You will receive an email with return instructions for the broken unit. Return shipping charges are your responsibility. All Warranty requests and issues are supported by Plantronics directly according to Plantronics Warranty Terms and Conditions. Contact Plantronics for information on the Plantronics Warranty for your item.